Apisit Taisedtawatkul
Message from Chief Executive Officer

     Last year 2018, even though I was not on board yet but realizing the situations, the changes and the down turns of the performance which is a big challenge for me to recover the situation and turning this crisis into an opportunity. Remaining the business operation policy to be consistent with the goal of the strategic plan, we are continually look for the new business investment opportunities as well as adjusting strategies to be in line with various businesses under the vision of “AJA will turn to be a holding company that diversify the investment in new business areas with a sustainable growth” and the mission of “AJA will be the best holding technology company in Southeast Asia that aim to provide both leading technology of products and services” determining the business objectives for success and sustainable growth.

      For the past operation result, the company started operating losses in 2017 and the operating result remained net loss attributable to shareholders of the company in year 2018 at 186.91 million baht. If compare with year 2017, the company had net loss at 409.77 million baht which decreased by 222.87 million baht or 54.39%.   The main income came from the business of selling electronics under the brand "AJ" which decreased at 42.86% compared to the last year. The company aware of such problems, therefore procuring new products to replace and increasing the distribution channels to cover online and digital TV channel which suit for consumer behavior that has changed according to the era.  Also look for new business that able to generate revenue to replace the needs of the market in the old business that has deteriorated and able to make better performance of the group of company in the year 2019 and later.

     In addition, the investment in new business such as smart phone and accessories business, “BYD” electric vehicle business, and logistics business in Thailand under the brand of “Best Express” which just starts and consists with the government's policy to push Thailand into Thailand 4.0.  The business operation must keep up to cater the changing behavior of each consumer group. The company has invested with the strong leading partners, so that this is an opportunity to increase good performance and generate returns for the shareholders.

     On behalf of AJ Advance Technology Public Company Limited, I would like to thank everyone including shareholders, investors, business partners, customers, management and all the company’s staff that still trust and support the company.  This warm brings the encouragement to our staffs and management who will dedicate themselves for building up the performance to achieve the objectives of the group of company under the concept ofsocial responsibility for the organization to grow sustainably.

Mr. Apisit Taisedtawatkul
Chief Executive Officer