4. Soundking Mobile Multifunctional Digital Theater Design 


Product feature

     Soundking Mobile Multi-Functional Digital Theater provides convenient and affordable movies viewing for local residents. It features convenient mobility, immersive viewing technology, safe and durable, super- high cost performance and so on.
Shelter Structure
     There are three kinds of specicication--large, medium, small size, which are applicable to 300,200 and 100 audiences correspondingly. The height along the edge is 6 meters, and the top height is about 12 meters (specifically according to the design ratio)
Stage area introduction
  • Shelter Internal film system Effect diagram Application of Soundking independent innovation of high-tech product system : 5228 Panoramic sound system, Self adaptive sound system, to Create the best viewing and performance effects
  • Shelter Internal performance system Effect diagram It is equipped with a 10-inch mobile active line array with several units, and four 10-inch active DSP back-to-back speakers. With 12 wireless microphones and system (handheld) with desktop stand.
  • Retractable seats for different performances, create the best viewing experience by taking telescopic seats to set suitable stage and audience seats

Sound system
     Applying the high-tech product system of Soundking's independent innovation: 5228 panoramic sound system, Self-adaptive sound system, to create the best viewing, performance with 10 inch with a number of mobile active line array, and then with four 10 inch active with DSP back to the speaker. With 12 wireless microphones and system (handheld) with desktop stand. Can adapt to the flexible use of performances and meetings. Equipped with a karaoke touch-one machine for real-time entertainment. It can perfectly
realizemulti-functional effects such as movies, performances and conferences.